Beautiful Fall, Important News!

Welcome to Fall in South Carolina!  We are so blessed by the beauty around us, and I pray that you give yourself time to enjoy it on the weekends!

It’s hard to believe that October has arrived, and this time of year means that a lot of important things are happening at CERRA.  Take a look:

  • 11th Edition Teacher Cadet textbooks were delivered last week
  • Fall Renewal Conference plans are well underway; if you have not registered, please do so quickly!  We are preparing for you!
  • The window for Teaching Fellows is open:  September 1 – December 1.  Make sure, if I have not already been to your class, that you are introducing them to the application and encouraging (or demanding!) that they print a copy to study and draft.  They need to print reference sheets and guidance request forms and get those done right away.  Remember:  transcripts must be official and sealed.  References must be sealed!  If you are not teaching TC this semester, PLEASE reach out to your students now to assist them with information about this urgent application.
  • The window for Teacher Cadet National Honor Society opens November 1.  This will be an online application this year, and the window for applying closes February 1.  We will hold an induction on Saturday, March 10.
  • Finally, if you have a second semester class, either ProTeam or Teacher Cadet, you need to work with your guidance counselor to make sure you are following guidelines for participation and reaching out to students who need to apply/sign up for your classes.

It’s cool this morning . . . fall is definitely in the air!  Enjoy this blessed day and stay in touch!  I am looking forward to seeing many of you very soon at FMU College Day and again at the Fall Renewal Conference.  I can hardly wait!



Welcome to the 2017-2018 School Year!

It’s hard to believe that we are ready to start another school year, but here we are.  This is my fourth year as a CERRA Program Facilitator for Region 4, and I am looking forward to working with you.  The excitement I witnessed and felt at the update training for our new TC curriculum is the same excitement that will carry us successfully into a new year of growing teachers from the best and brightest in SC.  At CERRA we are committed to the children and teachers in this state, and our goal is always the same:  provide EVERY child in South Carolina with a great teacher.

Please use this site, my CERRA e-mail, and my cell # to contact me for whatever you need that will help you have the best year ever in your Teacher Cadet or ProTeam program.  I look forward to visiting your classrooms and doing everything I can to meet your needs.

Finally, a couple of things to put on your to-do list:  complete your teacher and principal agreements and your student surveys; if you are a TC instructor, make field trip arrangements for  college day; register for the Fall Renewal Conference (November 8-10) to be held at the Landmark Hotel.  And then?  Have fun as you get  to know the new faces entering your classrooms.  It’s going to be a great year!

Looking back . . .

What an amazing year we have had at CERRA in the Pre-Collegiate Division!  As the year draws to a close, I want to thank you for a wonderful year of work, growing homegrown teachers in and for South Carolina.  A special thanks to my 13 . . . yes, 13! . . . new teachers who joined us in Region #4 this year!  You have poured yourself into this task with us, and you have become a vital part of our Region #4 group.

To my seasoned veterans, thank you ever so much.  You have kept us going and have been crucial in supporting our new teachers as they learned their way through a year in Teacher Cadet!

As we look toward next year, we have to say good-bye to a few friends who are retiring:  Tamria Jamison, Aynor High; Erika Draper, Mullins High; Lisa Cribb, Myrtle Beach High; and Connie Thomas, Timmonsville High.  You have made a world of difference with the students in your schools, and we are all grateful.

Don’t forget:  the new TC curriculum will be unveiled this summer, and you will need to attend update training.  I will be at the training at Francis Marion, and I will see most of you there.

We do have new instructors joining us next year, and when everything is official, I will send their names and contact information so you can be a great support for them.

In the meantime, get ready for summer.  Make plans to rest and enjoy yourself.  And after you have rested a bit, let me know of any ideas you have for next year that would make our region better than ever.  Also, mark your calendars for our Fall Renewal Conference:  November 8-10 in Myrtle Beach.  You don’t want to miss it as we celebrate Heroes!